VTA MC3R Efferent Projections

Welcome to the home page for the Roseberry Lab. We are in the Neuroscience Institute and the Department of Biology at Georgia State University, which is located in downtown Atlanta, GA. Our research focuses on the neural control of feeding and body weight, with a focus on the role that the mesocorticolimbic dopamine system plays in the regulation of feeding, metabolism, activity, and body weight. We use a diverse array of approaches at the molecular, cellular, circuit and behavioral level to address multiple important questions related to the role of dopamine circuits in the control of energy homeostasis. Please see the appropriate sections to learn more about our current projects, the individuals currently working in the lab and for contact information.

Twitter: @RoseberryLab

Positions Available:

We are currently recruiting a new postdoctoral fellow to join the lab. Details of the position are included in the position advertisement. We are also recruiting talented and motivated students to join our lab at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Please contact Dr. Roseberry if you are interested or for more information.